Driver of Disruption # 1: Big Players

“The Wolf at the Door”

The existence of commercial behemoths — such as Amazon in retail and Huawei in telecom — is threatening to dominate and take over entire industries to the detriment of smaller companies.

Driver of Disruption # 2: Tiny Players

“The Attack of the Ants”

On the opposite end of the business spectrum are thousands of small, hyper-specialized companies that are chipping away at the niche areas and profit margins of established companies.

Driver of Disruption # 3: Customer Expectations

“Please the Customer, Please”

Customer expectations travel across industries. They now expect convenience, ease-of-use, and user-centric experience regardless of the product, service, or industry.

Our Technology Platform

Organizations need to adapt by transforming their business model from offering products to offering the product’s value as a service. They need to:

Pivot, transform, reinvent their business model
Focus on outcomes and not ownership
Build long-term relationships with customers
Grow recurring revenue and deliver ongoing value

Benefits of XaaS Transformation

In the traditional, product-centric business model, the customer relationship ends when they purchase your product. But in an “XaaS” (your product “X” as a Service) subscription model, the customer relationship begins with the purchase.

Recurring Revenue

New services and subscription-based models

Predictable revenue stream

Dedicated and Engaged Customer Base

Intimate sticky

Competitors will find difficult to disrupt

Predictive Instead of Reactive

Data analytics gives you both customer insights and operational visibility

Predictable revenue stream

Enabling your transformation into an as-a-Service business.

We enable companies to embark on their Business Model Transformation journey and get to market faster while reducing their technology risk and investment.